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To be experience ...Out of the Box

So, I was asked to blog about this year Out of the Box empowerment, and to be quite honest writing about the Out of the Box was not easy.

It was the 4th year of the Out of the Box empowerment, and the theme was “ Storming the Gates.” Though I was anticipating a mighty move of God at the empowerment, I was not prepared for what I experienced.

What I experience, my words won’t do any justice. I mean, after the first session with Lady Leah McNair, I was speechless. I remember telling someone at the empowerment that “ you cant explain this to someone, you just have to be here.” Which they agreed, with a “Yes Girl” and a hi-five.

Set the house on fire

So, like I was saying, Lady Leah McNair open the Empowerment this year. In times past she has always been the closing speaker for Out of the Box, but this year God shifted her to open the empowerment, to come speak to us about our expected and prosperous end. She didn’t just kick the gates down, but she set the place on fire, as she shared her prophetic message “There Shall Be Evidence." (Acts 2:2)

This year was also different because they provided classes: Power of Prophetic Declaration and Power of Prayer Activation; which were taught by Apostle John McNair of Kingdom Living Global Ministries and Pastor Andrew VonWald of Cliffdale Christian Center. I was able to attend Power of Prophetic Declaration and was taught how use the word as sword in prayer, the teaching was insightful and needed to take my prayer life to the next level.

(Which has led me to write my prayers using the Word of God….powerful)

It's going to be trouble

Second session started with Apostle Suzette Spence running into the fire, letting us now that this season as we storm the Gates, we must be willing to make trouble, with her powerful message, “I Came to Make Trouble” (Luke12:51-56) She let us know can’t play nice with enemy... going after our destiny.

Friday night ended with Apostle Crystal Dewar Powell who came all the way from Jacksonville , FL and with her she brought her Bronx, NY swag and let the Lord use her greatly. She dropped “Don’t believe me…Just Watch” (Deuteronomy 1:21)

When I left the empowerment Friday night, I was done. I just couldn’t believe how God moved and how different the atmosphere was compare to the times before. I’m not going to try to describe it because it was unbelievable.

But it didn’t end there, Nope! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better. God being as awesome as He is, even though I felt full. He was not done. He knows exactly what we need.

Box Breaker

Saturday morning began with Pastor Yolanda Gunter, leading the "soaking prayer" She ushered in the power and presence of God.

Then we celebrated Dr. Dorothy Batts as the Box Breaker of the Year, for her 20 plus years of service and work for the Kingdom of God. God released the oil on the woman of God (Dr.Batts) and as I stood in the aisle as she began to speak the heart of God to His daughters and sons, the presence of God wrapped around me. All I could think about was how much God loves me.


Then the next voice we heard was the visionary of Out of the Box, Apostle Karen McNair. Whom led the revolution as we stormed the gates of heaven, answering the question “Are you ready for a revolution?” (2Kings9:30-33) Boxes where broken literally. Women came and broke the boxes in their lives that kept them from reaching their purpose. I broke boxes to represent breaking the cycles in my life.

Apostle Yolanda Stith came right behind the breaking of boxes letting us know that to get to our expected end… our suddenly moment, it all starts with knowing that “whatever Heaven has said we have the right to obtain it” That we must know why we are at war, and we have the authority to bind and loose.(Matthew 18:18)

The Overflow

Now the really hard part is wrapping up this post about the Out of the Box Empowerment. I’m not going to wrap it up, Nope! Because it didn’t end there.Sunday morning Apostle Jerome Henry from Jacksonville, FL came to Release the Overflow. He came from 1 Samuel 14:1-14 and told us to “Set it off… the rules have changed” So, I leave you with that, SET IT OFF in this season!

Its time to STORM THE GATES! And I hope to see you at Out of the Box 2019, remember it’s not an event that can be explained but it’s to be experience.

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